Job Title

Entry Level Supervisor

Company: Maple Holiday Villas


Hotels, Ticketing, Travels & Tourism

Job Description

We are looking for fresh graduate/ or fresh diploma holder from Agriculture, Arts or Commerce or any other field. Ideally someone proactive, self-confident and in a “Can do” attitude in 25 to 35 years of age. Also, someone looking for long-term opportunity. Most importantly someone reliable and honest.

We are a small family business looking to expand our operations in next few years. Initially, you will be helping the business owners in their plantation site in Avittawa (Near Bentota – Elpitiya). Then you will be helping them to run other business successfully. We are currently engaged or looking to engage in Commercial plantations, Quarrying and Tourism related business and you will be working with the business owners parallelly in all these sectors.

In return, we will be rewarding you with above market salary and benefits. You will get an opportunity to work and build up your carrier together with the company in long run without disappointments. We believe our employees are our assets and all our employments are to be mutually beneficial in both ways. In another way your extra efforts certainly will make extra profit to our company, which will make enough funds for us to pay you back as bonusses or increase your salary.

The employment could commence from March 2021

If you are interested, please submit your CV together with expected salary. Please email us if you are having any queries or require additional info. 



Skills Required

Leadership Self Motivation Time Management Written Communication


Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday       Friday       Saturday

Preferred Languages

English       Sinhala

Work Experience

0 - 3 months

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