Job Title

Operations / Floor Manager

Company: Terra Global Holding Pvt Ltd


Customer Service & Hospitality

Job Description

BPO Manager Job Duties

BPO managers typically have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Providing guidance to team members and addressing performance issues if any arise
  • Conducting performance reviews to ensure that employees are meeting company standards
  • Managing a team of customer service agents to ensure that client satisfaction is met or exceeded at all times
  • Developing and implementing training programs for new hires to ensure that they are fully prepared for their jobs
  • Conducting regular meetings with clients to ensure satisfaction with service standards
  • Managing the daily operations of a call center or other inbound or outbound customer service department
  • Analyzing data to identify trends in customer needs or behavior patterns that may require changes to business processes
  • Developing and implementing new processes or procedures to improve efficiency or quality of service
  • Coordinating with other departments such as marketing, sales, or human resources to ensure that customers receive appropriate attention



Skills Required

Customer Service Google Ads IT Support Phone Handling Tele-support


Not selected!

Preferred Languages

English       Sinhala       Tamil

Work Experience

2+ Years

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