Job Title

Customer Service and Sales

Company: Eximius Bpo Pvt Ltd


Sales, Marketing & Retail

Job Description

They contact consumers and business customers by phone to attempt to sell or create interest in a product or service. Responsible for reaching out to potential clients and customers over the telephone. During sales calls, telemarketing agents refer to scripts that describe the products or services they are trying to sell. Agents may use the scripts to make a predefined presentation or to ask a series of qualifying questions that enable them to find out more about the prospect’s level of interest in the product. Good interpersonal skills are essential for this job. Agents must be able to build rapport with prospects before attempting to sell to them. They must also be able to deal effectively with people who may be angry at receiving an unsolicited call at home. Agents must have good learning skills to acquire the product knowledge to present products effectively and answer prospects’ questions accurately. They also require good knowledge of telephone and computer systems so they can use call center systems efficiently. Telemarketing agents generally require a minimum of a high school diploma. Previous experience in a sales or customer service position may be valuable. In regulated industries, such as insurance or financial services. Meet Sales Targets.



Skills Required

Call Centre Leadership Telesales


Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday       Friday

Preferred Languages

English       Tamil       Hindi

Work Experience

0 - 3 months

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